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Fashion in Extended Reality

16.02.2022 klo 17:30 - 19:00

Do you know what virtual fashion is and how it is changing the World? Join us in the evening of futuristic discussion! We are beyond excited to invite Olesja Hännikäinen as a quest speaker.

Olesja Hännikäinen is a Service Designer from Accenture Liquid Studio. She works in projects with emerging technologies, ensuring the user experience and end-user value. She has experience in UX and concept design. In her free time she is a fashion illustrator, and her passion is to combine fashion and extended reality. In 2019 she created a project with fashion illustration in virtual reality, which was featured in an exhibition in the National Museum of Finland. And in 2021 she co-founded Exthereal, a large international conference about the future of digital fashion. She is a metaverse enthusiast.

Treat your excitement and get familiar with the topic:

The event will be in English.

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17:30 - 19:00
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